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The X Factor USA Top 10 results: Both a good and diabolical night for Britney Spears


November 23rd, 2012

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A mixed night for Britney Spears on The X Factor USA last night, as she lost two acts in the double elimination but also saw Carly Rose replace Tate Stevens at the top of the rank order.

Firstly, Arin Ray was placed 12th in the votes and was instantly knocked out. It’s slightly awkward because his godmother went on a massive Twitter rant accusing Britney of “sabotaging” his chances with poor song choices, but regardless he seemed pretty graceful in defeat.

Then it was down to CeCe Frey (again) and Beatrice Miller to sing for surivival. For some reason Beatrice has been languishing down the bottom of the rank orders for the last couple of weeks, and last night she inevitably slipped into the bottom two. CeCe, mentored by Demi, had been in the sing-off twice before… and she survived again.

It’s always SO AWKWARD when a little one gets eliminated and sobs hysterically. This isn’t quite Rachel Crow but still…

And to the rankings… Carly Rose replaced Tate Stevens at the top of the heap, but the Top 4 is essentially the same again. There’s been some debate over whether this feature of the US results show should be put in place in the UK, but I have mixed feelings about this… yes, it would help quash the ‘fix’ claims if we saw that people like Ella Henderson were actually drifting mid-table for a few weeks before their supposedly ‘shock’ eliminations, but then on the other hand it would alter the path for acts like Little Mix. Part of their ‘thing’ last year was that they came from total no-hope outsiders to become frontrunners over the course of the live shows, but when the voting stats were released after their victory it turned out that they were never outsiders at all – and they only finished outside the Top 4 on one occasion. Had we known that, would they have had the same remarkable journey? I don’t think they would have.

But anyway, I digress…

1 (2) Carly Rose Sonenclar
2 (1) Tate Stevens
3 (3) Vino Alan
4 (4) Emblem3
5 (7) Diamond White
6 (10) Paige Thomas
7 (6) Fifth Harmony
8 (5) CeCe Frey

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